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The Miracle of the Lily, by Clare Winger Harris

As I read back through the diaries of my sentimental ancestors I find occasional glowing descriptions of the world that was; the world before the insects menaced human existence.
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Clare Winger Harris only wrote a handful of stories, but she left her mark on history. The first woman to publish under her own name in American genre magazines, she burst onto the scene with the award-winning “The Runaway World”, and quickly became one of the most popular writers in Hugo Gernsback’s Astounding Stories.

“The Miracle of the Lily” is one of her best works, positively crackling with fresh and exciting ideas, complete with a classic golden-age twist near the end. Amidst the wild ideas of an insect uprising and the desperate measures humanity takes to fight back, the story is a thought-provoking parable about nature and struggle, and humanity’s relation to both.