Indi’s ebook collection

A collection of ebooks of interesting historical texts, built using modern, semantic technologies.

Future plans

This is a list of potential future books for the collection. Some of them I’m actually working on, others are merely under consideration.

Please don’t take this list as anything more than a vague glimpse at potential future book projects. Merely being on this list is no guarantee that it will ever actually get done (or, if it does, when).

Potential future books

These are potential books that I’m either working on now, or considering for the future:

If you would like to encourage me to prioritize any of the books on this list, feel free to contact me and let me know.

Suggestions and requests

If you have a suggestion for a book, paper, or essay that isn’t in this list, feel free to contact me and tell me about it.

To be up for consideration, I need the following things to be true:

And, of course – thought it almost goes without saying – I have to want to do the project. This is a hobby, after all.

If you want to make a suggestion, check the list of rejected books below first, to make sure what you’re suggesting hasn’t already been vetoed.

Finally, if there’s something in the list of planned books that you’re really excited about, you can contact me to encourage me to move it up the priority list.

Rejected books

These are potential books that I’ve considered and rejected, along with the reason why they were rejected:

No rejected books, currently.

Note that being rejected is not absolute and final. If there’s something in this list that youre really passionate about, and you can make a plausible case for why the reason I’ve given for rejecting it isn’t good enough, go ahead and contact me to make your case.