Indi’s ebook collection

A collection of ebooks of interesting historical texts, built using modern, semantic technologies.


GNU Social

I am @indi on Feel free to send a notice to my attention.


I maintain my own channel on the Rizon IRC network: #indi.

I usually idle in that channel. My normal nick is indi (though don’t assume that whoever is named indi is me until you’re certain they’ve identified to that nick). An easy way to be sure it’s me, even if I’m not using my regular nick, is to check the user list in #indi; I am the only one who can have owner status (~).

Although I’m almost always idling in the channel, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually there, sitting at the computer and watching the channel. Try calling my name, and see if I respond. If not, just leave a message and try waiting around for a while – I’ll see it when I get back.